Sunday, March 11, 2007

What do you do if a republican approaches you?

Ext- Daytime- America

A little boy is reading a book under a tree.

Republican approaches.

Republican: Hello there little boy. Whacha' doing?

Little Boy: Reading

Republican: When you read you're helping the terrorists.

Little Boy: You're an idiot.


capetowndissentator said...

What BrooklynDissentator didn't tell you is that the boy was reading a book entitled, "How to Serve Taliban." Though it turned out to be a cookbook, it was understandable for the Republican to act the way he did.

Professor Dr. Dr. Kitz Miller said...

I think you are mistaken CapetownDissentator. For you don't realize that there are thousands of years of space dust on that book. It really says, "Hot to Serve Hippies to the Taliban". So, while still a cookbook, it is not exactly understandable why the Republican acted the way he did. Unless, of course, the Republican was allergic to space dust (or cookbooks).

CapeTownDissentator said...

I think there may have been some more space dust on the cover, because instead of reading, "How to Serve Hippies to the Taliban" the book's title was actually "How to Shower together with Serveral Hippies and a ton of the Taliban." In light of this discovery, the Republican had every damn right to do what he did. Would have done it my self. Not cause I wanted to, but because I felt I owed it to the boy.