Friday, March 2, 2007

So are there, like, copyright rules, or what's the deal?

I don't know that much about art, but I know enough that I think some of you will agree with me that Picasso is the greatest painter of all time. He was what Mozart was to music, and what the Beatles were to, um, pop music. He was what ketchup is to any food based on protein or carbohydrate, what George W. Bush is to late-night comedy shows, and what George Washington was to the British Crown. I'm saying he was a revolutionary. The guy transformed art more times than John Kerry transformed his stance on various campaign issues (according to the swiftboat veterans, who have no incentive to say anything except the truth - interestingly enough, the boats only went about 20 to 25 knots per hour - lie #1!).

Anyway I'm trying to talk to you about Picasso, and how awesome he is. For those unfamiliar with Picasso, he had a long and multifaceted career, however his crowning achievement was probably being the best fucking painter ever.

Given this, it's no surprise that (1) someone would want to steal some of his paintings and (2) the whole world is talking about it. But yeah, two of his paintings were stolen earlier this week from Picasso's granddaughter's home in Paris (ugh, Da Vinci Code rip-off, anyone?). Depending on where you want to get your news from and what languages you like to get it in, here are a few links to different newspapers not too far from where I live.


To sum up the articles, people are searching far and wide for these stolen paintings. Because no witnesses saw the thieves, all we have is this artist's rendering of the search:

Not sure why they're looking in the water.

I don't have much else to say about this really, just think that Picasso is the greatest and that the fact that art heists are kind of en vogue (learned that from reading the French article) gives art theives no excuse. But of course, once again, we can blame Hollywood's influence for this. In fact if you ask me I think they should make George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Katherine Zeta-Jones and Julia Roberts go look for these theives, only stopping to rest at night, which will also be a key part of the movie they can make about this. Only when these bozos recover the stolen Picassoes will they have made up for sexifying this horrible crime by (1) filming themselves stealing the fabrege egg from the Louvre and (2) being so sexy. By the way Steven Soderbergh if you are reading this, I can film this movie.

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