Sunday, April 29, 2007

Kinda Hot in These Rhinos

Man this picture makes me laugh, as does that scene in Ace Ventura II: When Nature Calls.

Too bad Jim Carey made "The Number 23" instead of Ace Ventura 3.

But this got me to thinking, since this rhino scene is probably the culmination (culmination) of the great comedy moments of my formative years, it really got me thinking that we've gone down-rhino ever since then.

Are you happy with the current comedy options being offered to us? On TV it is okay, The Office and 30 Rock make me laugh on a consistent basis (beer me that disk). But even TV might be slipping. Saturday Night Live is defunct (although it's spawn child 30 Rock is hilarious, even though it did take me like 6 months to figure out it wasn't a spin-off of 3rd Rock). SNL's replacement in training new comedians, The Daily Show has had mixed results. It launched the careers of Carrell, Colbert, Corddry, Helms and Hodgman, although I am getting kind of tired of seeing those John Hodgeman Mac commercials (is anything more synonymous with pompous than a mac computer?). The Daily Show was on a roll for a while until I saw the first episode of Rob Corddry's "The Winner," which also taints the Family Guy writers's already American Dadded reputation. Family Guy has also been slipping in recent years. Maybe it's because people are trying to do too much with too few jokes/humor/ideas.

Movies have been even more lackluster lately (don't know what lackluster means but sounds like something from SpaceBalls). In the past year or so the two big comedies were Borat and Blades of Glory if I remember right. I don't know, I definitely laughed at both of them, but Borat seemed like the same jokes over and over again (basically Borat was a glorified Jackass/Tom Green Show but this time with funny accents, more awkward interactions, and adorable English language misconstructions, over and over again) and Blades of Glory was kind of a recycling of all of the last Will Ferrell movies, complete with doing for Will Arnett what Anchorman did for Paul Rudd (put an incredibly funny person in a position where, because of the role or the movie or whatever, they just weren't funny).

So correct me if I'm wrong on the comedy thing, but I just feel like they're not making them like they used to.


Segway said...

I do agree with most of what you say here, and didn't realize that the Mac guy was a former Daily Show'er (not shower, show-er).

Glad to see you like Will Arnett, and I agree that he could have been given a lot more in the movie Blades of Glory.

If you want to know more about Will - check out the Will Arnett Research Project at

BrooklynDissentator said...

You, me, and capetown are on some kind of crazy wavelength because capetown and I discussed the possability of an AV3 no more than a week ago. We had a battle of the metaphore over just what an undertaking would be like. It was my contention that Jim Carrey doing AV3 would be like putting on an old suit that you had forgotten just how well it fit. Capetown said it would be more like drinking from a milk carton that had passed its expiration date, only to find that it was still good. Very good. I didn't like the implication that Jim Carey may be passed his recommended drink-date, but I think Capetown certainly paints a vivid picture. In any event, we just need to get VD where we three seem to be, get him smelling what we're stepping in, picking up what we're puttin down, and then we are well on our way to a powerful lobbying-voice that would declare in one single, but volumous plea: Stop doing stupid movies, Jim Carrey, and do the movie you were put on Gods green earth to do.

Anonymous said...

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