Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Freakin' Sweet: Muppets!

If you’ve been reading this blog (Congratulations: you’re reading!) then you’ve heard some separate though related complaints emanating from Capetown and Boston about feeling alienated from pop culture and media. Virginia has been surprisingly neutral and upbeat for him/her/it/they. What, we’re doing THIS now Virginia? Just kidding, you’re all right. But I think I have the smooth, honeyed tonic that will salve Capetown/Boston’s bifurcated malady.

Let me take you back. I was sitting at home with my adorable and well-spoken girlfriend (sorry Capetown, I know we are supposed to appear available here, but there’s nothing really attractive about an unemployed blogger who uses words like “bifurcated”) and laughing hysterically at Boston’s diatribe on Wikipedia. The little vixen asked me what was so funny and I proceeded to narrate the relevant sections of Boston’s piece. She furrowed her expressive brow at Boston’s playful humor and said aloud “What about Muppet Wiki?” You see, her thoughts often run to puppets.

Never being too sure what the hell she is talking about, I cocked my head to the side and issued the Catholics’ ubiquitous plea to Jesus: Come Again? “Muppet Wiki,” she said “It’s a Wikipedia spin-off devoted entirely to Jim Henson’s Muppets. Anything you could possibly wonder about the Muppets, they’ll know; and they post new facts everyday!” (So cute!)

“Curious,” I thought. My fellow (Obamas) dissentators have been kanipshiting over their relationship to media and technology while my sexual liaison has been looking up Muppet facts. Perhaps she doesn’t understand.

“No, sweetie,” I said to her, “It’s about modern man’s sense of displacement in an increasingly isolated and commercialized age.”

She responded with: “Did I mention they talk about Muppets?”

Lacking a retort, I conceded the point, and suggest you do too. Muppet Wiki, dissentators. How do you argue with that?

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