Monday, April 16, 2007

You've Selected...Why don't you just tell me what you want me to blog about?

My relationship with this blog is much akin to my relationships with women:

I meet someone
She moves in
She goes
I meet someone
She moves in

With this blog its more like:

I think of a blog idea (I meet someone)
I put up a blog posting about it (she moves in)
Nothing happens (she goes unnoticed)

Honestly I don't know what is worse: endlessly calling up my past blogs like I was checking my e-mail, and seeing the big goose egg of zero comments, or seeing that I did get a comment only to click on it and see that it was just capetown dissentator.

I've tried to discuss hot-button issues, really I have. I blogged about racism and imus. No comments. I even blogged about Barack Obama and the presidential elections. No obamments.

Recently I have considered a posting about whether America is really as "divided" a nation as some say, and about what I think about Arnold saying that we have to make the issue of climate change "sexy," dumbing it down for some mass audience as opposed to having it explained to us by Al Gore.

But I just can't take the disappointment of bearing my soul for all of cyberspace only for cyberspace to stare back at me and give me nothing in return.

Quick: staring contest, me and cyberspace.

It wins, it always does.

So I appeal to you, whoever is reading this. Whether it be my fellow dissentators, or our readers (I have reason to believe that we have readers). Help us help ourselves.

By that I mean that I think there are good and stupid uses of blogs. Basically stupid uses are when people write things that no one cares about. But good uses are possible when people get into a real discussion about something and can learn things and hear opinions and get productive conversation that is missing in the media today. These kinds of blogs are our hope. I want to be one of these kinds of blogs.

So I invite suggestions from anyone reading this as to what in the hell you want from me. I really don't think this is too much to ask, and I think this would make things better for both of us.

On a similar note, if any of my past or future girlfriends are reading this, I make to you the same request.


LPB said...

Your balls? I am sure your ex or current girlfriends might answer similarly.

by the way, you missed an excellent ref opportunity in your e-mail when you told the virginiadissentator that you were looking forward to his (hooker with) dissentary...

That is what I actually want from you. No slacking on the references...

BrooklynDissentator said...

And what I want from you, ipb ha detto, is to know if you can HEAR ME IN THE BACK! HELLO!

So if you wanna reference the cannon, you better follow through. The plaque for the alternates is down in the ladies room.

kitzmillerhands said...

Hope you're still looking for suggestions! I guess I'd like to see some blogs about the ways that celebrities are more like us. I think if you did more posts like that, more people would read the blog because I can't think of anyone who doesn't enjoy learning all the ways that celebrities aren't all that different from non-famous human beings (you'd be surprised how many ways they actually are similar. A friend of mine once saw Bruce Willis buying a soda -- a soda! I always figured celebrities hated soda, but no!). Anyways, I'll be on the lookout for the new content!

Anonymous said...

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