Friday, March 9, 2007

Did the pidgeon you saw look like this?

Pidgeon: I've been really tryin, baby
Turtle: Why here, I'm going to slip down the ramp
Pidgeon: Tryin to hold back these feelings for so long
Turtle: Yeah I think I can feel your "feelings"
Pidgeon: And if you feel, like I feel baby
Turtle: Come on
Pidgeon: Come on
Turtle & Pidgeon: Let's get it on
Turtle: We are all sensitive people
Pidgeon: With so much love to give
Pidgeon: Since we got to be
Turtle: let's say:
Pidgeon: I love you
Turtle: There's
Pidgeon: Nothing wrong
Turtle: WITH ME
Pidgeon: LOVIN YOU!
Turtle: And givin yourself to me can never be wrong
Pidgeon: If the love is true
Turtle: Don't you know
Pidgeon: How sweet and wonderful
Turtle: Life can be
Pidgeon: I'm askin you baby
Turtle: To get it on with me
Pidgeon: I ain't gonna worry
Turtle: I ain't gonna push
Pidgeon: So come on come on
Turtle: Come on baaaaby
Pidgeon: Stop beatin round the bush
Turtle & Pidgeon: Let's get it onnn.......

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