Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Earth Day!!!

Apparently today is earth day. So before the day is over and human year resumes, we should maybe take a moment to remember that there is more to life than ourselves and our personal lives and our toys and our internets.

If you want an inspiring example of the wonders of nature, I would refer you to this clip of Lionel Messi playing soccer in the video in my previous post.

But of course there is so much more to nature than humans, so here are two examples of cool things on earth that I hope to one day see in person. Watching these videos on the internet is probably not exactly what was in mind for celebrating the earth on earth day, but hopefully these videos can inspire us to perhaps one day get up from our computers and go outside and maybe even visit these places. These two in particular are in South America.

Iguazu falls:

Galapagos Islands:

And since I probably won't be going to either of those places anytime soon, I can always watch nature shows like Blue Planet. If you are unfamiliar, here is a commercial (CAUTION: This commercial is not suitable for children and those who don't like profanity) for Blue Planet:

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous here. Have you been watching Planet Earth on Discovery's just like Blue Planet! i even think their titles refer to the same thing.

Go to Igauzu, and while you're down in the that neck of the woods check out Perito Moreno (named after a guy named Perito and not a small dog), Fitz Roy, tren de los nubes, and countles other natural beaties.